Skin/Fur Intimacy

To say that skin/fur intimacy is unconventional is putting it mildly. Many would classify it as taboo.  And truthfully, when I began writing COAL, I never anticipated incorporating a physical relationship between skin and fur. However, the further along I progressed in the story, I felt skin/fur intimacy to be an undeniable truth in their relationship, one I would be remiss to ignore.

Of course, the primary argument against it is bestiality. And if we were discussing sex with the family dog, I would wholeheartedly agree, that’s just nasty. But there are startling differences to be found between reality and fantasy, cognizance versus dumb/mute and mutual consent.

Frequent communication in werewolf stories includes phrasing like ‘my wolf wants to fuck you’ and when a couple gets intimate, their eyes change to their wolves, so their fur sides can join in to experience of the skin side of intimacy. The mentality of intimacy of sexual attraction is there, and no one finds it odd or pushing limits.

From a purely psychological standpoint, if they are mentally attracted, I could find no reason why they wouldn’t act on a physical relationship. They obviously don’t think it’s weird or taboo if the desire is in their head, so why would they restrict their bodies?

There is a huge difference between a dumb and mute animal versus a werewolf in his Wolf form. These wolves are mythical creatures with the ability to think and reason, as well as effectively communicate. They’re a cognizant consciousness in a form that is simply other than human, exactly like a mermaid, angel or alien. If we see a male kissing a mermaid, no one screams that he is kissing a fish. Because he isn’t kissing a fish, by definition an animal. She has a fish tail, but she is not what would we would refer to as a fish. She is a creature. So, for me, it’s about the realism of the relationship of a fantasy story with fantasy creatures.

Have you read COAL?  What are your thoughts about skin/fur intimacy?

2 thoughts on “Skin/Fur Intimacy

  1. I had read upto finding out Markus is Britney’s father . I am completely unhappy that watt pad took it down. I had no problem with the skin/fur it is fantasy. For someone to complain makes me angry. I love your work .

    • Thanks, hon. Yeah, I was kinda surprised given the other material available, but I’m glad many folks approached it in the same manner I did.

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