Dulce Tigru Rewards

Dulce Tigru Rewards

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I struggled between naming this ‘Dulce Tigru’ or ‘Marku’s Bitches’, but eh, in the end went with Dulce Tigru Rewards!

Rewards For You!

  1. Your Name on the Wall O’ Love (but only if you want it!)
  2. Early Preview Chapters for ALL Stories (Currently Sovereign Games and HEAT, but will include new stories as I begin them.)  Read chapters weeks before they are posted on Wattpad! Early Preview Chapters are made available here for sale weeks ahead of being posted to Wattpad!  (Does not include Extended/Bonus/Exclusive Content/Chapters).
  3. Access to Members Only Product/Content: From time to time, I will make available specific products/content only Members can view and/or purchase.
  4. 35% Off All Jewelry Purchases (Gorgeous and sassy book related jewelry coming soon!)
  5. Voting Privilege: Have a say on which books/chapters I work on next!
  6. Select ANY one Alternate Point of View Chapter you would like written. You can select any single chapter in any story and which POV you would like it written in.  Once written, I’ll make it available for sale; however, your copy will be free, of course.  Here are some ideas:
    • COAL Madman—Ryder’s POV (Ryder meets Aatos for the first time)
    • IAOO Long Island Iced Tea, Again—Alaric’s POV (Raine takes things a touch too far)
    • IAOO Appointment—Talon’s POV (remember their anal cherry discussion?)
    • IAOO Retribution—Marku’s POV (Marku’s thoughts when she swindles him out of $500K)
  7. My Undying Love!

NOTE: If you purchase this Membership Plan, do NOT purchase any of the Sovereign Games or HEAT Early Preview Chapters with it, because once you purchase the membership, you will be able to access those chapters for FREE in EITHER of these ways:

  1. Go to the Shop tab.  The cost for the chapters should now reflect $0.  Put it in the cart, check out and it will show up in your downloads on your Account tab.
  2. Go to the Blog tab. If you are logged in, the blog posts with the Early Preview chapters will be unlocked for you.

Option #1 will keep the download in your Account tab, but Option #2 may be easier.

Just out of curiosity, could you let me know which option you prefer/find easier?  Having feedback will help me make the customer experience better.

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Sovereign Games, HEAT


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