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1) Family. I have a fantastic husband who spoils me with attention and affection. 

2) All things creative.  I tend to obsess. In the past it was scrapbooking, and then creating jewelry, custom furniture, drawing (I drew my profile pick) and now of course, writing. My favorite aesthetic is steampunk.

3) All things logical. Math. Problem solving. This trait is super helpful for my daytime job as a CFO of a life insurance brokerage firm. I know it sounds stodgy as hell, but I thrill when successfully negotiating on behalf of our clients.

1) Monotonous tasks. I’m not a repetitive kinda person. I always prefer ‘new’ and ‘different’.

2) Lack of time. There never seems to be enough.

3) Snow. I don’t like being cold. It’s handy that I live where it only snows about one day per year.

It feeds my addiction for creativity.

‘I Am Only One’. It was my first original work and these characters are well established so it’s my favorite, for now.

Sometimes I create them, other times, they create themselves.  I start with a main set of characters with very broad emotional characteristics. As the plot progresses, their personalities become more defined, even to me. Talon in ‘I Am Only One’ is the perfect example of a character that created himself. I never planned for him. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of a chapter that I decided to incorporate a male pet, so wrote him in. I had no idea at the time, how integral he would become to the main character and the plot. Now I can’t imagine the story without him. 

I like to incorporate twists and turns in my stories, surprises and shocking events for the reader.  To do this, I plan backward. I determine the ‘truth’ of the story first. And then I fill the book with intrigue, clues and misdirection.  My foreshadowing and wording are very specific, so that when the truth is finally revealed, the reader can see that all of the clues did really point to the truth.   After I have the primary arcs of the story mapped out, emotions drive the sub plot. I decide what emotions between the characters I want to portray and then come up with plot to illustrate it.  Ass-backward, I know, but there you have it.

If I’m stuck on a plot line, I don’t try to force it. Instead, I let the story ‘simmer’ in the back of my mind. I wait, and let my subconscious work on it. And eventually, inspiration strikes.  If I’m stuck in the middle of writing a chapter, I start by writing out the character’s dialog.  Even if it’s just part of sentences, I jot it all down and then begin to arrange it. 

I try really damn hard not to be cliché.  I use plot nuances to give readers emotional payoffs, and dig deep into each character’s emotions, showing several layers, so I can take the reader in unexpected emotional directions. My characters are flawed, they screw up, but they work through their shit.  Just like the rest of us.

I hate writing descriptions, like what the room or clothing looks like. I know it’s necessary, so I do it, but I hate it. It bores the hell out of me.

Fantasy is probably my favorite, but I like any book with strong emotional/romantic connections and a happy ending. I love the book even more if there is strong physical interaction. I hesitate to categorize it as erotica, because while I love the occasional clit twitch while I read, I get super distracted by overly-descriptive terms. I can’t read things like, ‘He thrust his steel weapon into her weeping palace’.  I just can’t.

Oddly enough, negative comments never bother me. I’ve never had someone attack me personally, but I’ve had plenty of people not like certain things about my stories, and I appreciate their willingness to be honest. I always carefully consider their words because I can never view my story as a fresh reader. Sometimes I make adjustments if I feel it’s necessary or helpful. Other times, I just let it go because not everyone is going to like what I write.

It can take many months. I’ve done a lot of research for different aspects of the books, particularly the science in my fanfiction’s. Hell, I even researched the pain of losing virginity before I wrote a particular chapter because I didn’t want it to be cliché. For my current book, Sovereign Games, I did a ton of research on mass/speed memory retrieval, meaningful encoding, retrieval structure such as memory palaces and the method of loci, mnemonists, savants, synaesthesia and more. I want the book to have a somewhat steampunk feel, a mix of mechanics/technology combined with organic. But adding all of those nuances to an already complex plot is time-consuming to say the least.

I frequently make up names. I search Pinterest and also use for ideas, and then I break apart the syllables or add syllables. For instance, one of my characters is a Fae King, so I went with Felaern because it began with ‘Fe’. I knew I wanted Cage for another character, but felt it was too short to be royal/aristocratic, so his official name became Micage.  And for another character, Hawk, I turned it into Hawkling.

Raine’s punishment scene was difficult. I hate writing fight and sex scenes, not because I’m adverse to the topics, but because there is so much ‘motion’ going on, so much physicality to accurately describe so the reader doesn’t get lost. You were quite clever to pick up on that when you reviewed ‘I Am Only One’. You saw how I didn’t take enough time for the fight scenes. Writing a book, in general, takes so much time, that I sometimes cut corners just so I can keep it moving. But those are things I work on during the editing.

I don’t think I can say it enough, and they’re probably tired of hearing it from me by now, but they’ve given me tremendous gift. Their response to my stories has changed my perception of myself and my future. I can’t say thank you enough.

It’s incredibly difficult and damn near impossible, to get noticed. Each writer is like a speck of sand in the ocean that is Wattpad. For six months, IAOO had only 450 reads total! So, if you’re going to write, do it for yourself because you want to and you love it, and don’t let the reflection of reads/votes determine your worth.

Hell no, I don’t cook. When I cook, solar eclipses and power outages happen. And somehow, the fire alarm always manages to go off. I have no idea why.

The Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries.  I adore Dr. Who! Not the current Doctor as much; my favorite was David Tennant. Sherlock and Shadowhunters were good. And I just finished binge-watching Stranger Things.

Marvel/fantasy/sci-fi. Decent plot and a bit of humor, I love them. I hate sad endings, so refuse to watch any Nicholas Sparks movies.

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